Juha Christensen

After 6 years at handheld computer pioneer Psion, Juha developed the idea for Symbian, the operating system company. He wrote the business plan and negotiated an investment of $130 million into the company. Juha served on the board and led the company’s business activities and technical strategy. Symbian is a profitable company with over 1,000 employees and an annual revenue growth rate in excess of 100%.

Following Symbian Juha spent four years as Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, responsible for a range of mobile software and server products, including Mobile Information Server, Server ActiveSync Smartphone and Pocket PC. The Mobile Division is the fastest growing of Microsoft’s seven business units. Most recently, Juha was President at Macromedia with responsibility for company wide planning and two business areas; CE and mobile. His group established Flash as the upcoming de-factor standard in mobile multimedia. Juha also serves on the board of Teleca, the largest Systems Integrator in the mobile industry, and Unwire, a leading mobile services company.

Juha studied Business Administration at London Business School.