Kirill Makharinsky

Kirill is the co-founder of, the startup innovation company which launched this year with funding from Peter Thiel, The Founders Fund, Max Levchin and several other investors. At YouNoodle Kirill designed and led the development of its first data product, Startup predictor – the first technology that analyzes data on thousands of early-stage startups and generates a scientific prediction of a company’s future outcome at the time it is started. Startup Predictor was exposed to over 30 million people through media when it launched in August. Prior to YouNoodle, Kirill was an early employee and managed analytics and metrics at Slide, one of the top-ten most popular web properties in the world.

Previously he had been established as the #1 Graduate in the UK based on his work while at Oxford University. Kirill was also in the founding team and a President of Oxford Entrepreneurs (the largest student enterprise club in Europe) and graduated from Oxford University with a double first in Applied Mathematics.