Linda Pouliot

Linda Pouliot is a serial entrepreneur specializing in robotics, based in Silicon Valley.

In 2004, she co-founded Neato Robotics with the idea that robots can perform household chores as effectively as humans. Neato’s award-winning vacuums sell at big-box retailers throughout the world, making Neato the number-two consumer robotic vacuum company globally. At Neato, Linda Pouliot was Vice President of Product Management and Operations, where, in addition to product management and operations, she oversaw hiring and manufacturing. The company was acquired in 2017.

Linda Pouliot also served as COO of Adiri, Inc., where she worked on the internationally award-winning Adiri Natural Nurser. She has also developed products for retail brands, including Disney, Banana Republic, and QVC, as Director of Operations at Gouda. She has been awarded multiple patents and international awards.

She graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a BFA cum laude.

Currently, Linda and a team of the award-winning technologists in Silicon Valley are working on solutions to revolutionize the commercial kitchen, and help line staff adapt to the shifting needs of an increasingly automated workplace.

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