Loic Comolli

Loïc Comolli is Co-CEO of NESsT and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of NESsT and mobilizing financial resources to fund the organization’s growth. Loïc is part of NESsT’s investment committee and provides strategic advice on the growth of the NESsT enterprise portfolio. He oversees NESsT Consulting, a business unit focused on helping corporations, foundations, and governments to achieve their strategic social impact objectives.

During his time at NESsT, Loïc has provided business acceleration and incubation services to 1,000 organizations and entrepreneurs, in more than 30 countries, to develop market-based solutions providing jobs and basic services in vulnerable communities. He spearheaded NESsT’s expansion to Brazil, Poland and Romania.

Before working in social entrepreneurship, Loïc was a consultant at AES Consulting, an economic litigation consulting firm located in San Francisco. Prior to that, he worked in the Palo Alto, CA office of Charles River Associates, a global consulting group.

He is business advisor to GlobalAcorn, a UK-based social enterprise developing cutting-edge, affordable medicines through bio-pharmaceutical research and nanotechnology.

Loïc received his MBA from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. Loïc works out of NESsT’s San Francisco Bay Area office.