Mark Tsimelzon

Mark Tsimelzon is the Founder, President & CTO of Coral8, the leading provider of Complex Event Processing software. Coral8’s CEP engine is used by a number of large investment banks, hedge funds, web sites, hospitals, and other enterprises that need to analyze large volumes of real-time events to monitor operations, discover opportunities, and address threats. The Coral8 Engine has been benchmarked to analyze up to one millions events / second with sub-millisecond latency. Mark founded Coral8 in 2003 and currently runs engineering, QA, product management, customer care, and pre-sale and post-sale organizations.

Prior to Coral8, Mark spent several years at Akamai Technologies, where he led the design and architecture of Akamai’s Edge Computing strategy and platform. The Edge Computing platform has been acclaimed by customers to deliver unparalleled scalability, reliability, performance, and cost advantages to their applications. Mark was also responsible for major partnerships with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Vignette, ATG, and other technology vendors. Akamai’s Edge Computing is the largest distributed
computing platform of its kind, comprised of 20,000 hosts across 65 countries.

Mark joined Akamai via the acquisition of his first startup, CallTheShots. Founded in 1998, CallTheShots was an early example of a Web 2.0 company, introducing the notions of user-driven personalization, syndication, and mash-ups. CallTheShots was selected by Red Herring in 2000 as one of top 20 emerging technology companies. He successfully negotiated the acquisition of his company to Akamai Technologies in 2000.

Mark also has a diverse development and management background amounting to key product releases at CETR, Eclipse International, Teknekron Software Systems (now TIBCO), and Mystic River Software. He has B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science from MIT and has done research in distributed systems at Stanford University.