Matt Ocko

Matt Ocko, co-Managing Partner of Data Collective, has three decades of experience as a technology entrepreneur and VC, in the US and globally. Matt’s current investments on behalf of DCVC span from computational drug discovery and synthetic biology to orbital access and intelligence platforms, robotics, AI, and large-scale enterprise platforms including quantum computers. Current and past DCVC investments include Element AI, Rocket Lab, Zymergen, Rigetti Quantum Computing, Atomwise, Karius, Nervana (acquired by Intel), and Blue River (acquired by Deere & Co).

In addition to large IPO outcomes, many of Matt’s prior investments were acquired to become core capabilities of companies like Illumina, Cisco, Google, IBM, Amazon/AWS, VMware, Netapp, and Akamai. His venture investments prior to DCVC include Ayasdi, D-Wave Systems, Uber, AngelList, Fortinet (FTNT), Xensource (CTRX), Krux (SFDC), Facebook (FB), and Matt founded and was VP of R&D of Da Vinci Systems, a pioneering e-mail software vendor with over 1 million users world- wide prior to its acquisition. Matt is an inventor on over 50 granted or in-process patents in areas as diverse as virtualization, fraud detection, and augmented reality.

Matt has been active in helping develop China’s venture capital and technology regulatory framework for two decades.

Matt holds a degree in Physics from Yale University.