Rikard Steiber

Rikard is a Virtual Reality evangelist and an Angel Investor, looking for great start-up teams that want to change the world.

Before joining HTC as SVP of Virtual Reality, Rikard successfully built up several international businesses in Video on Demand, YouTube MCNs and eSports, as the CEO for MTGx and Chief Digital Officer at Modern Times Group. At Google, he was Global Marketing Director of Mobile and Social Advertising and prior to this ran marketing for all Google’s products in Europe. He co-founded Scandinavia Online (AOL of Nordics) and build Xlent Strategy Consulting. Rikard is the Founder of Women in Tech and Women in VR in Europe. He is a future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic. Rikard has MSc from SDA Bocconi (Italy) and BSc from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden).

Viveport, the app store for Virtual Reality (VR), is a global destination for VR content and experiences. Its mission is to unleash human imagination from the limitations of reality and democratize access to the world’s most diverse selection of immersive experiences.

HTC Vive is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform designed by HTC and Valve.