Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley is excited by how new layers of technology are rapidly disrupting massive traditional industries. He has deep interest in mobile enabled commerce, and in 2012 was a contributing author to “Shopping for Good,” a book published by MIT Press. He’s also focused on how mobile, social, and big data analytics are transforming financial services, traditional commerce, and our interactions with the offline, physical world.

“There was a time when you could pitch your company as ‘an Internet company.’ Today the Internet, along with social and mobile, are constituent strategies of every company. We are excited about how these disruptive layers are impacting traditional industries.”

Scott brings experience in product and operations from Facebook and Google, and in economics from the White House. His previous experience has included scaling two operations teams for Google in India, acting as Google’s rich media and display ads product specialist for North America, and lecturing for in Africa. At Facebook he worked on social gaming product and policy pain points, and with Randi Zuckerberg on ways Platform could enhance public and private sector organizations’ access to global scale. At Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Scott published on how site design, game mechanics, and choice architecture could influence and nudge online cooperation, a perspective that helps ground portfolio advisory.

Decreasing startup costs and increasing access to information have given rise to a “Global Entrepreneurial Class” that Scott engages as an MIT Enterprise Forum and U.S. State Department speaker. Scott believes that the next billion-dollar business will be global-first, built by entrepreneurs constrained by platforms, and not by geography.

He is a mentor for Stanford’s ENGR 245 course entitled, “Tech Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups,” and you can track his ideas on Forbes, “The Venture Frontier.”

Facts & Stats

  • B.A. from Stanford University, M.A. and M.B.A. from Columbia University
  • Lived and worked on six continents, and traveled to 70 countries.
  • Trained as an Olympic Development Program soccer player and as a guest player for Farsley Celtic F.C. (Leeds, UK), prior to marathons and Ironman 70.3 triathlons.