Sue Xu

Dr. Sue Xu is Founding Partner at Amino Capital (also known as zPark Capital), and her focus areas of investment include data-driven healthcare IT, consumer software and hardware, drones, and enterprise services. She sits on the Board of Directors of YONO Health, and was interim CEO of CandyHouse and CFLD Innovation Center (SHENGHAI:600340). Since 2012, she has involved with more than 80 investments, such as Assemblage (acquired by Cisco – NYSE: CSCO), Orbeus (acquired by Amazon – NYSE: AMZN), Skycatch, and currently providing advisory to a number of fast growing portfolio startups, such as Droplet, Skuchain, Koinify, Yttro, Mage, Sherpa and Dr. Sue Xu began her early stage entrepreneurship when she was the founding scientist of GlycoMira (also involved in undergrad and Ph.D laboratory spin-offs). She has three patents and over 20 journal publications, and previously a Postdoc fellow at Stanford University.