SVOD’17 Startups

This year we invite startups that are looking for Seed+ through Series B rounds of funding.

Over the course of 13 years, our companies have raised $800M in funding.

This year our focus is on the following topics:

1. Self-driving cars, drones, robots, AI
2. Big Data
3. Fintech, blockchain, payments, e-commerce
4. VR/AR, image recognition
5. Industrial IoT, manufacturing automation, process optimization
6. Mission driven investment, edtech
7. Enterprise software, SaaS
8. Medical, health, wellness

SVOD is well-known as a conference with the highest ratio between founders and investors. We expect over 300 investors from Silicon Valley and worldwide.


As a pitching startup, you:

1. go through a heavy pre-conference online pitch training with a professional coach and investors

2. attend pitch workshop and an additional in-person pitch training the day before the conference (May 23rd)

3. attend pre-conference International Party two days before the conference (May 22nd)

4. attend invitation-onlyVIP Reception the day before the Conference with speakers, investors, & sponsors

5. pitch on-stage with immediate feedback from investors

6. receive investor judging scores

More info how to apply.