Umair Akeel

Chief technology officer in residence (CTO-IR) Umair Akeel is an operating partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. Umair brings 15 years of experience in technology development and leadership to Bessemer, focusing on software-as-a-service and enterprise mobile startups. He is also passionate about the future of big data and developer tools.

Umair loves the process of building and growing products, teams and organizations, and as CTO in residence, he works closely with BVP-funded companies as an advisor. Interestingly, he’s been in their shoes before, having worked at two BVP-funded companies: he was Eloqua’s chief architect through its IPO and subsequent acquisition by Oracle (where he served as VP of product development), and earlier, he worked as a software engineer for Trigo Technologies—a company founded by BVP partner Byron Deeter—until it was acquired by IBM (where he served as a senior architect).

Umair is a lifelong maker, and his compulsion to “build, break and hack” is a trait that extends beyond his workday and as the CTO-in-the-Akeel-residence, Umair provides 24/7 tech support to his wife and kids on all the bespoke machines on the home network!

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