Valeriy Kondruk

Valeriy Kondruk is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned investment manager and the partner at Singapore-based VC-firm Unlimited Capital.

He has always been deeply involved in IT since high school and started his first Internet business being a Computer Science student. Valeriy was involved in a bunch of different industries, managed a mining project with a budget of tens of millions, was running a food import/export company and successfully invested millions of investors’ funds in commercial real estate across Europe in his previous ventures. Sold his real estate investment business for a seven-figure sum. He got an MBA degree with a specialization on Marketing and Investments and came back to IT three years ago, to help tech entrepreneurs give life to products that would bring positive impact on people. Being a partner and chief project hunter for Singapore-based VC-firm Unlimited Capital, he went through hundreds of startups with diverse ideas, plans and problems