Warren Weiss

Warren, more commonly known as “Bunny”, thrives on seeking out and uncovering early emerging technology winners. He remains a General Partner at Foundation Capital (where he is no longer making new investments). He currently serves on the boards of OrkusForgeRockVisierMoxie SoftwareSilkRoad Technology. He was named to the Forbes Midas List of Technology’s Top Investors for his work with SilverSpring Networks. Bunny is a four time CEO of venture backed companies, and worked with Steve Jobs at Next Software.

Bunny is also on the board of the Weiss Scholarship Foundation. The foundation was created in memory of Bernard and Elsie Weiss. In spite of their difficult circumstances, they worked hard to make sure their three sons had a great education—and therefore great lives. Bernard and Elsie were passionate about education and understood its importance in creating a successful life. That’s why Brett, their son, felt it was appropriate to begin this foundation in their memory. Inspired by Bernard’s and Elsie’s dedication and passion, we work each day to empower children by trying to create a world in which every child has the opportunity to receive a great education.