Panel “Crunching numbers for fun and profit” – by Jager McConnell, CEO of CrunchBase & Hannah Kuchler, Financial Times

Loop into one of the SVOD’s most exciting panels with Jager McConnell (CEO, CrunchBase) and Hannah Kuchler (Financial Times).  The two gurus will talk about the latest market trends, startup community development during the last year, and will discuss what it takes to build a successful company.

In the first part of the panel Jager and Hannah will give their perspective on 2016 top startup community trends at the same time touching upon a number of important issues coming from 2015.

In the second half of the panel, the gurus will share their top tips for growth hacking and overcoming most important issues every startup faces. How to be result oriented, what key indicators to look at on different stages of the startup development and how to consistently keep track of the key metrics during the most busy times – all these questions will be answered by Jager and Hannah.

SVOD 2016

Jager McConnell, CEO of CrunchBase, the leading platform used by millions of entrepreneurs and investors looking to discover innovative companies and the people behind them. Prior to joining CrunchBase, Jager spent 11 years at Salesforce in various roles across sales, marketing, and product development.

Moderator Hannah Kuchler, a San Francisco Correspondent for the Financial Times, writing about technology with a particular focus on social media and cyber security. She enjoys telling the story of the Silicon Valley to the FT’s broad international audience, giving them a daily dose of surprises from soaring valuations to Facebook’s plans to design drones. Hannah has worked for the FT for over five years in the US, Europe and Asia, covering everything from Chinese internet companies to British politics.


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