Press-Release on SVOD18 Finalists

Mountain View, CA, May 21, 2018. Silicon Valley Open Doors Technology Investment Conference (SVOD) is excited to welcome 32 start-up finalists. Our shrewd panel of judges carefully reviewed more than 1000 applications in the areas of VR, Enterprise software, SaaS, Consumer Internet, EdTech, FinTech, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Social Impact only to pick a few most promising. Having sustained a rigorous selection process, the finalists spectacularly stood out demonstrating truly disruptive ideas, perfect product-market fit, passionate teams and utmost readiness to raise funds.

The 32 winning start-ups are coming from all over the World: USA, South Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Note down these names, any of them very well may be the next unicorn on the block.  

May 30 10:45am – 12:15pm

Machine Learning/ AI/ Big Data

  • DEEPMOTION – builds the motion AI that vastly reduces animation cost and creates life-like interactive digital humans
  • Krolm – Intelligent Recruiting Engine. We match companies and candidates based on their Rating.
  • Biolink.Tech – an AI-managed multi-factor biometric identification and behavioral scoring data platform, with private products and services build on it.
  • Helios Wire – Helios is building a satellite powered Internet of Things network with a focus on remote industrial devices worldwide.
  • Aromyx – Sensing and Artificial Intelligence to Digitize the Sense of Smell

May 30 2:00pm-3:30pm

Enterprise software / SaaS / Infrastructure

  • Sagisu – Sagisu offers logistics as a service platform – enabling brands & consumers a better way to manage returns & freight
  • OpenSea – a cargoship chartering marketplace allowing the right ship to find the best cargo in minutes.
  • TapClassifieds – TapClassifieds is a leading inventory based SaaS marketing automation platform with over 250 paying customers.
  • SYNAPS – App for remote working with customers and partners. Making external teamwork more productive & less work.
  • KWIPPED – is a B2B platform where businesses that need equipment can rent or lease from suppliers that have the equipment.
  • Allure Systems – To mirror the diversity of consumers, Allure Systems creates stunning visual experiences for clothing retailers, using augmented reality.

May 30 4:00pm-5:20pm

IoT/ VR/ Gadgets / Smart Home/ Hardware

  • Cubios – WOWCube – the World’s first portable twisty game console.
  • SmartGurlz – SmartGurlz is the New Age LeapFrog – a digital learning company with robots, wearables and apps for young girls.
  • ServerDome – is the next generation of hyper green data centers. In an exploding data world, we are set to become a billion $ company.
  • Serene Sensors – Mobile-operated, smart water analyzers to help safeguard drinking water quality.
  • SmartMimic – a warning and detection system with the small chips placed on objects like bags, doors or bicycles and smartphone application

May 31 9:30am-11:00m

Consumer applications & gadgets / Fitness / Digital Health / e-commerce

  • BHander – crypto payment system built around safe and simple device: multicurrency hardware wallet with wireless access to blockchain
  • Lomics – Generation Z Visual Storytelling Platform
  • Odeeva – provides a monthly subscription of women’s, non-organic personal hygiene products, with a core focus on tampons, pads & liners.
  • World Mastery – CaaS company offering E-Learning content from celebrities to professionals (B2B) that want to apply these methodologies to their classes.
  • TruMe – developed and patented a new way to accurately report changes in the vitality of any human being.
  • uPhoria – is a new whitening experience marketed to dentists. Whiter teeth in only 4 minutes! Safe, Effective & Affordable.

May 31 1:20pm-2:30pm

Social Impact & Mission-driven companies

  • Countable – powers movements – we give everyone from individuals to organizations, everything they need to have impact.
  • BeeHero – BeeHero increases crop yields by empowering bees – the single most important pollinator of nature – using AI technology.
  • Harvesting – Connecting finance with farmers globally through Agriculture Intelligence Engine.
  • Sown to grow – Our goal-setting and reflection platform empowers students and helps them learn how to learn

May 31 3:05pm-4:25pm


  • Bizz Inc.’s vision is to be a CFO in your pocket. Financial dashboard and network for control and immediacy.
  • BuildingBits – a crowdfunding platform for anyone to invest in commercial property and to freely trade their shares on a secondary market.
  • Custos – uses blockchain incentives to harvest deep data. Media owners pay us to rapidly discover leaks of digital media.
  • Swaayed – the future of influencer marketing. Our tokenized smart campaigns guarantee higher ROI through performance based incentives.
  • ZAGG Network will disrupt the GBRL Industry using its custom blockchain with the proprietary, ZAGG Protocol.

SVOD sincerely congratulates the winners and wishes everyone luck in the final contest May 30-31, 2018.


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