Silicon Valley Open Doors 2017 Week: Bringing the world together!

May 22, 2017

The workshop with Google mentors:

This is a special session by Google mentors for SVOD2017 pitching startups.

We’ll run multiple simultaneous workshops with top Silicon Valley-based mentors.

You’ll work in a small group (8-10 people), sharing your current challenges and future plans, looking for innovative solutions and approaches.

(By invitation only!)

Topic: The Future of Entrepreneurship

Shrinking company life-cycles, emerging value chains shaped by the raise of AI, changing roles of partnerships and financial capital together with other powerful factors are already in play and will change the way we build and grow companies. This master class will give participants a chance to explore how key mega-trends are impacting the future of entrepreneurship and how founders should adjust to the changes that are coming.
(Powered by the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership)

Topic: Social Impact and Beyond: Know Your Challenge

Using market mechanisms to improve people’s lives can be very effective, but does this improvement always lead to long-term, systemic results? In this masterclass we will cover basic distinctions between technical and adaptive problems and their impact on mission, strategy, business model, and core competencies of social entrepreneurs. The participants will have a chance to get clarity around what kind of company – conventional, socially conscious, social, or evolutionary – they are building and what type of social impact they can expect to make through their ventures.
(Powered by the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership)


International Startup Party (Pre-SVOD Party)

SVOD is happy to announce a special networking event to welcome early arriving international SVOD attendees to mingle before the main Conference days.

We kindly invite all our friends and partners to attend and take the most of this unique networking opportunity.

Parking lots:
– 1625 Powell Street Parking
– North Beach Garage (735 Vallejo St, SF)
– Vallejo Street Garage (766 Vallejo St, SF)

HACK Temple
906 Broadway
San Francisco, California 94133

When: 6:30 PM, May 22, 2017


May 23, 2017

SVOD2017 Pitching Workshop

This is a pre-SVOD pitching workshop for selected companies.

(By invitation only!)

VIP Reception

(By invitation only!)

May 24-25, 2017

SVOD Conference






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