SVOD2018 Press Release

Press Release SVOD 2018

May 30-31, 2018, Mountain View, CA, USA

SVOD 2018 is a leading boutique startup investment conference that takes place on May 30-31, 2018 in Mountain View, CA. It brings together more than 1.5K attendees, including over 600 startup founders, 50+ gurus of the tech industry, 300+ top angels and VCs, 800+ experts, and much more.

SVOD gathers 1500+ attendees coming from all possible parts of the world, 40 pre-selected companies pitching on stage to 300 investors (both Silicon Valley and abroad), $850M raised by pitching startups over the course of these years, and 100 exhibitors.

SVOD has always been unique in its ability to connect startup community with investors. The 2018 Conference is expected to have 1 investor per 2 entrepreneurs ratio. SVOD 2018 also hosts the pitch competition – more than 35 early stage startups will present their innovative ideas to 300+ angels and VCs.

This year we are hosting several unique speakers, including Susan Athey, Economics of Technology Professor, GSB, Stanford University; Board Member, Expedia (market cap $16B) and Ripple (market cap $20B), formerly, Advisor to the CEO of Microsoft. Susan will cover the topic of Blockchain Beyond Crypto. Also there will be a panel of government representatives from such countries as Denmark, Israel and Estonia that will discuss transformation of governments by hi-tech.

We are actively searching talents and best ideas. This year a 13-year old inventor Savva Osipov will pitch his newest invention – the World’s first portable twisty game console. Epiphan Video, a producer of world-class, award-winning audio visual solutions, is going to announce its latest product.

This year #SVOD18 has a few sessions on Blockchain and Crypto. One of the angles is the impact that Blockchain makes on Social Field. A day will come – and very soon – when you’ll be able to transact from a single digital wallet that has a record of your purchase history, identification and “access to financial accounts” via a blockchain-fueled ID system. We are proud to announce as our speaker Greg Kidd, Co-Founder/CEO, GlobalID; Advisor, Ripple; early investor & former Board Member, Square and Twitter, Fintech investor both in the Silicon Valley and internationally. Greg founded GlobalID – a portable identity framework that allows individuals and entities to securely and privately manage all their permissions and money. The benefits are both social and economic, shaping the lives of generations to come.

SVOD also hosts several panels with international thought leaders. Some of  SVOD 2018 speakers are:

  • Tim Draper, Founding Partner, Draper Associates and DFJ ($5B under management); #7 Forbes Midas List; Founder, Draper University, early investor in Skype, Hotmail, Tesla, Baidu, Twitter, Box, Coinbase, Solar City, Angel List, Twilio. Invested $19M in Bitcoin.
    Topic: Changing the World Order: One Bitcoin at a Time
  • Susan Athey, Economics of Technology Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Board Member, Expedia (market cap $16B) and Ripple (market cap $20B). Formerly, advisor to the CEO of Microsoft
    Topic: Blockchain Beyond Crypto
  • Lara Boyd, Professor, Center for Brain Health, Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology of Motor Learning; Director, Brain Behaviour Lab, The University of British Columbia
    Topic: Your Plastic Brain
  • Greg Kidd, Co-Founder/CEO, GlobalID; Board Member, Ripple; early investor & former Board Member, Square and Twitter.
    Topic: Social Impact: Portable Identity and Financial Inclusion
  • Steve Jurvetson, Co-Founder, DFJ & Future Ventures; Early VC investor in SpaceX, Tesla, Planet, Synthetic Genomics, Hotmail and D-Wave
    Topic: Forging the Future: What’s Next?
  • Alex Rosen, Managing Director, Ridge Ventures (formerly, IDG Ventures)
  • Dmitry Grishin, Founder, Grishin Robotics ($100M under management)
    Topic: Terminator X: Rise of the Robots!
  • Han Jin, Founder/CEO, Lucid
    Topic: Exploring VR/AR Potential
  • Mike Maples, Founding Partner, Floodgate
    Topic: Abundance…Not Disruption

Some of SVOD past speakers include: Phil Libin (Evernote), Alfred Lin (Sequoia, Zappos), Keith Rabois (Khosla Ventures, PayPal, LinkedIn, Square), Byron Deeter (Bessemer), Esther Dyson, Matt Cohler (LinkedIn, Benchmark), Steve Blank, Guy Kawasaki, John Morgridge (Chairman, Cisco), George Zachary (Charles River Ventures, Twitter), Bill Tai, Ron Conway (SV Angels, Google), Charles Giancarlo (SilverLake, Skype), Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures), and many other amazing people.

SVOD format: SVOD’s warm international atmosphere and boutique format make it easy to meet speakers, industry experts and other attendees, especially because all the special guests are accessible before and after the panels. The Conference halls’ layout makes the attendees not only mingle, but “crush” into each other and get the best networking opportunities.  The conference is designed for tech and startup community to easily make necessary connections, find new customers, partners and investors.


Jennifer Smith

Marketing & PR Manager @ SVOD 2018

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