The App, Often Referred To As Instagram On Steroids, Conquers New Ground With Its Innovative Face Tracking And Face Modification Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO – June 18, 2014 – Looksery, Inc. recently announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign to raving reviews. The app, bearing the company’s name, quickly got the media’s attention and news channels such as CNN, HLN were heavily impressed with the excellence and limitless possibilities that this new and innovative technology offers.

During the Silicon Valley Open Doors 2014 conference (SVOD’14), Looksery participated in pitch sessions to showcase their new app and technology to the excitement of the over 1,000 conference visitors. By showcasing the incredible plethora of real-time video and photo face transformation filters, the app quickly became one of the focal points of the conference.


Selected as the winner of the Best Innovative Startup Award, it is clear that the interest for a much richer and more immersive social media and real-time video and photo messenger app is growing fast.

“The conference demonstrated the growing interest in the Looksery app and our technology. This was an exciting competition and we are very happy to win this award!”, said Julie Krasnienko, Director of Business Development at Looksery, Inc.

Looksery recently also announced further details about the app and its real-time selfie filters through their Kickstarter campaign page. The app will initially feature a set of 10 powerful presets that can be combined and used simultaneously to create incredible real-time photo and video effects.
The user will be able to further expand the effects library through in-app paid options which include filters such as 3D generated avatars and incredible face tracking action driven effects.

Looksery is looking to license its core face tracking and face modification technologies to call centers, handset manufacturers, cosmetic companies and telcos. Simply put, the Looksery app is a messenger app with a unique ability to enhance selfies and transfer human emotions through 3D generated avatars. One of the most important, and perhaps the app’s most distinguished feature, is the ability to optimize and provide a new and improved level of video communication.

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About Looksery, Inc.:

Looksery, Inc. is a company based in San Francisco Bay Area which was founded in 2013. The company specializes in face tracking and face modification technologies for real-time video messaging. Looksery will soon launch a mobile application that aims to change the selfie landscape forever with its new and superior real-time photo and video messaging effects.

The core technology is also available for licensing to a variety of potential partners in the video communication industry. Several of the company’s technologies, including its face tracking, face modification and traffic optimization technologies, are currently pending patents.


Press Contact:
Julie Krasnienko
Director of Business Development

Looksery, Inc.
Phone/Mobile: (415) 351-9076

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