SVOD 2016 – Pitching Startups

SVOD has always attracted startups from a variety of industries and helped them connect with top angels and investors. In the Conference’s 12 years history more than 300 startups presented on SVOD stage and received over $700M of investments. At 2016 Conference even more startups will have a chance to pitch and showcase their innovations in front of SVOD’s diverse audience. More than 1.5k attendees, including 300+ top angels & VCs, 600 startup founders, and 50+ gurus of the tech industry have registered to attend SVOD this year.

SVOD 2016 startups

This year we received more than 1000 applications for pitches. Our experienced judges – top industry gurus and investors – chose the most innovative and forward-thinking teams to present their ideas and help the future of technology come sooner. All the selected startups passed a special pitch training with some of the best trainers of Silicon Valley, and are now ready to rock at SVOD. Some of the main presenting startups at SVOD 2016 are:

Screenshot 2016-05-10 19.03.07

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