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Blog | SVOD - Silicon Valley Open Doors - Part 2


SVOD2017 International SVOD Party

SVOD is happy to announce a special networking event to welcome early arriving international SVOD attendees to mingle before the main Conference days – SVOD2017 International SVOD Party We kindly invite all our friends and partners to...

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Top Tips for a “Quick” Pitch

You might be called up on stage to pitch… You might be at a networking event… You might even strike up a convo waiting line for a coffee and realize – hey – I need to pitch! Bottom...

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SVOD 2017 Investors One-On-One Meeting

Do you want to meet with investors face-to-face? As of today, over 100 of the world’s leading funds confirmed their participation at SVOD’17. SVOD offers the Investors One-On-One Meeting to facilitate interaction between investors and startups, allowing you to make valuable connections....

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5 Steps To Raising Your First Million

Congratulations! You’ve established a product, marshalled a team and, perhaps even secured your first clients. Now, after emerging from Hours of creative strategizing and brainstorming sessions, late-night phone calls and product tweaks… how do you carry...

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Highlights from SVOD 2016

Where have you been on May 25th? If not at the Computer History Museum, you’ve missed a lot – the most important tech industry event took place right there. Over 600 startup founders, 50+ gurus of...

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SVOD 2016 – Pitching Startups

SVOD has always attracted startups from a variety of industries and helped them connect with top angels and investors. In the Conference’s 12 years history more than 300 startups presented on SVOD stage and received over $700M of...

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Who invented computer cryptography?

This year SVOD will host a speech by a very special guest – “The Father of Computer Cryptography” Bailey Whitfield ‘Whit’ Diffie. Whit is a truly impactful leader who developed the fundamental ideas of the public-key...

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